Friday, January 14, 2011

Time for another photo shoot already?

So, it's a new year, you're full of new hope, new commitments, and new-found enthusiasm for photography...and you're no doubt already been out on a couple photo shoots and working on the results in the digital darkroom, right?  No?  What do you mean too busy...not enough time?

Ok, how about this...go on a photo shoot right in your own home.  No driving, no hiking, no stalking big game, no laying in wait for the perfect combination of lighting and subject matter.  Just stay home. 

Actually, you can, and with a little bit of imagination and creativity, you'd be surprised at what you might come up with.  The garage is full of cool things.  The kitchen is full of neat tools also.  The backyard can be your own personal nature land.  How about that closet that's full of stuff...what can be made of that?

You see, in the end, it isn't so much what your subject is, or what exotic destination you find it, it's what you do with it.  What is the emotion, mood, response.  Photography is looking at the same thing that millions of people have looked at before, but looking at it in a different way.  How many times I've check my wrist for the time.  But this time something was different...this watch might make an interesting photograph.  Speaking of time, gotta go...have a photo shoot out in the garage in 10 minutes!!

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