Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seal Beach Shopping trip—or was it a Photo Shoot?

I’ve not been to Main Street Seal Beach before, despite being in Southern California for over 30 years.  What a hidden treasure though, or not so hidden if one has already discovered it!!  In an area no bigger than 3 or 4 blocks, this quaint combination of shops and restaurants has something for everyone.  As we were completing a purchase at the Olive Oil Company, we asked the ladies there what a good place would be to have lunch.  Several places were suggested, but when I asked if they were to leave for lunch this moment, where would they head…they said Hennessey’s.  So that’s where we went.  It’s like all the merchants work together here…fantastic!

There were so many great-looking places to eat that we will definitely have to come back.  Same goes for the shopping…the stores we went in were packed will all sorts of interesting and desirable items—how does one choose??  Guess we’ll have to be back to shop some more there too!  All in all, this small pocket within your city packed a big punch—kudos to the teamwork that must be present in order to bring that about!

So I’m guessing that I’m one of the last people around here to discover this special area of Seal Beach… my photography will likely bring me back to get more images…and Hennessey’s service and ice cold IPA’s will no doubt bring me back too!  Or is it the fine olive oils and vinegars at the Olive Oil Company… or wait, maybe the fresh seafood at… yes, we’ll be back!

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