Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not in My Backyard...

This is a phrase that is most often used to convey a sentiment generally opposing change near one's home. But in this case, "not in my backyard" describes the wonderful things I found in someone else's "backyard"!   I was recently commissioned for a photographic assignment for a top real estate broker in Seal Beach, California.  The idea behind this project was to capture images of the neighborhoods, and in particularly the uniquely different and distinct qualities of their neighborhoods so that people shopping for homes and viewing the realtor's website would not only get to see the individual houses being offered (which many realtors show), but also provide clients with images of the surroundings to give them a better feel for what to expect when choosing where to live.

What I learned about their "backyard" is that within a short walk from almost anywhere (or a jog, or a bike ride), one will find amenities characteristic of most beach cities, and in the case of Seal Beach, amenities which reflect it's storied history as a recreation destination of choice, complete with a beach-side amusement park (no longer there) long before Disneyland was created in Anaheim.  The town was a beehive of activity--many people walking dogs, strolling through shops, jogging along parks, playing basketball, surfing, swimming, lounging, bike riding....everything you'd expect, and a lot of it!  

Not having been to Seal Beach much (although it's only a 20 minute drive from my house), I found through my extensive visits to these neighborhoods that their "back yards" have an exciting variety of quaint shopping areas, charming restaurants, and one of the more beautiful beaches and skylines around.  And like a jewel in the middle of all that is the City's pier--the second longest wooden pier in California , built in 1906 (extensively reconstructed after storms in 1935 and 1983).   It's a long walk down the length of that pier, but a scenic walk...diving pelicans, boats, transport vessels shuttling working out to the oil platforms, fisherman, and just the casual tourist.

I could go on and list the many other points of interest in an about the City, but that might spoil the fun of your own exploration.  Suffice it to say, Seal Beach would well be worth your time spending a day or an afternoon there, and who knows, you might fall in love and want to move there--in which case, I know a good realtor there!

Don't have time right now to pay Seal Beach a visit?  Then take a look at my collection of images and see what you're missing...

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