Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kellogg House in Santa Ana--a moment in time

From the Heritage Museum’s website, the Kellogg House, which is located in Santa Ana, was designed by Hiram Clay Kellogg and was built in 1898.  With its asymmetrical shape, faux tower, and prominently decorated dormer, the house is a late example of Queen Anne-style Victorian architecture.  

The interior of the house has several unusual features that reflect Kellogg’s keen interest in ships. Most prominent is the mast, salvaged from a ship in San Francisco, that stretches from floor to ceiling in the center of the house. The spiral staircase surrounding it features a landing overlooking the oval dining room that is reminiscent of the bridge of a ship. And the wooden-railed circular opening in the attic floor, through which the mast extends to the roof, suggests a ship’s crow’s nest.

The house was originally located in downtown Santa Ana at 122 Orange Street. When the city of Santa Ana condemned the homes in that neighborhood to make room for new development, the family donated the house to the Museum. It was moved to its current location in 1980. In 1985 the house was restored and opened for tours in later that year.  The house is now used for hands-on education about the Victorian era for more than 18,000 children each year. A variety of other activities, including public tours, tea parties, and wedding photo sessions, also take place in this lovely old home.

I was part of a small group that had the exclusive run of the place which gave plenty of opportunities for unobstructed image compositions .  

To see the full collection (as part of my larger Santa Ana collection), visit my website at:  http://www.costamesaphotography.com/California/OC-Orange-County/Santa-Ana/

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