Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are you a show-off? It can be a lot of work....

I have a new gallery for sharing my photography:

Is being a show-off a bad thing??  I don't mean the kind that brags, I mean the kind that's proud.  I enjoy sharing my pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.  But to share them takes a fair amount of effort--but it's work that I enjoy, and hopefully others enjoy the fruits of those labors.

What do I mean?

Well, do you know, or are you one of those photographers that will take a bunch of pictures, then get home and put the camera on the shelf?  Or maybe go so far as download your images, flip through them, and they go mow the lawn or watch tv and leave your photography for later, MUCH later??  Not me. 

I'm anxious to go through my images, cull out the worst, massage the best, and get them out the door to all my family, friends, and neighbors.  I really like sharing the joy of my hobby...that's easily half the fun.  The work (if you call it that) is the post production efforts in Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and Photomatix (my three tools of choice), to coax out what I think are the best attributes of my images.

With my new gallery, I'm able to share an almost unlimited number of images, and organize them in ways that will suit the mood of those visiting my sight.  I've tried to organize by location of my various photo shoots, as well as by subject or theme.  Just this organizing can be a lot of work.  You tell me if it's been worth it--I am open to all comments and suggestions:

Let's review... plan your photoshoot, capture your images, post production edits, share with friends!!!

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