Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Simpler Life in Villanueva

As the name might suggest, a new village it isn’t.   Neither is it a place on the way to somewhere.  Off the beaten path, east of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Villanueva is a small community of less than 300, tucked along the Pecos River, in a valley cut between red sandstone hills. 
Villanueva is a quiet place.  It is also a friendly place, and yet a very simple place.  Mostly an agricultural area, this was a land where the beauty was in its authenticity.  A town with no pretenses, everything here had a purpose, a utility.  No frills here.
As the warm afternoon winds whistled gently through the trees, it was easy to feel like you were the only one in town.   Along the road you could see that some buildings and equipment had seen better days.  This tractor was a beautiful example, bright blue with the contrast of rusting red.  It's motionless state belied the work and productivity this ruggest machine must have accomplished during its life.  This place could grow on you.

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(metadata 1/750 sec at f/6.7 and ISO 200, focal length 70mm)

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